Feature Spotlight: Sponsor Booths

Feature Spotlight: Sponsor Booths

One of the biggest benefits of hosting or exhibiting at an event is a booth. Valuable marketing tools, they allow you to interact with event attendees, fellow peers and customers and get real-time customer feedback. You can boost your direct sales and get the chance to network with people that you otherwise might not have met. This is why we wanted to shine the spotlight on our VR sponsor booths. A must-have for any upcoming events and shows that you might be attending, they will aid you in taking networking to another level. 

Features of our booths;

The ability to view PDFs and videos

Take advantage of the fact you are in virtual reality with your next event booth by making the most of our PDF and video features. You don’t have to just rely on your words when speaking to delegates and customers, instead, you can effortlessly show them documents or reel clips of your product or service. This adds a new dimension to your networking and helps them to easily digest more information during the event.

The addition of live polls

Want to know what people are thinking? Polls are a fantastic way to do some market research and that is just what our booths enable you to do. Easily set up polls about your product, service or anything else you would like to know and add this to your booth. Effortlessly receive answers and customer feedback in no time at all.

Customer interactions

With our high quality, custom avatars, custom interaction in VR has never felt so realistic. Set up meetings and appointments or simply wait for people to drop by – just as you would in a real-life setting. Our booths emulate the personal connection of events, with the convenience and ease of virtual reality.

Full branding of your booth 

Our booths allow for full customisation and branding, meaning you can easily stand out in the crowd. Decorate the space with your own logo and colours, distinguishing yourself from others in the event or conference. 

Deeplink VR Games

Want to add an even greater level of interactivity to your booth? Now you can! Our deep link VR games mean you can take users directly to a game or another space outside of the original app. This could be a game to do with your company or product or just something you have added to encourage participation and pique interest. 

And so much more…

No matter what you are looking to get out of your event booth, here at Gatherings we are on hand to assist. We will work with you to make a booth that will engage and captivate your customers. Check out our website and get in touch to find out more.

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