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Recognisability of Avatars | 15/04/21

This document informs the user of the use-premise of their image in order to determine a level of recognisability in the avatars to be created for Mesmerise’s VR Gatherings Application.

In order to determine how recognisable a user is in the Gatherings app, the Data Team need to distribute the users headshot image across different avatar types. In order to reduce bias as a result of familiarity, those judging the recognisability of the avatar and its corresponding image cannot already know the user. Thus the requirement is for the use of the signees image and their avatar, and their permission to distribute it in a Zooniverse environment for members of the public to assess the recognisability of the avatar. The images and avatar provided will be published (and available to see) on the Zooniverse environment until an adequate number of results are acquired, and there is a clear distinction in which avatar is the most recognisable. After the result is obtained, the images and avatar will be removed from the environment.

Signing this document permits the use of the signees image for publication of their image and avatar to the public in the Zooniverse environment. No other personal information associated with the user will be published. The signee understands the image will be used for no other purpose apart from the one stated in this document, unless requested, which will correspond with an updated terms of use agreement. In addition, the signee retains their right to request removal of their image and avatar in the Zooniverse at any time.

Data Protection

We will process your personal data including your biometric information in accordance with our policy and UK data protection law. We will only process such data with your explicit consent for the purposes of determining a level of recognisability. You can withdraw your consent at any time. It is acknowledged that where personal data is processed in the public domain Mesmerise may not be able to maintain control of such data. By granting us your explicit consent you agree to your understanding of such. We are committed to upholding your information rights. For further details about this please see our privacy notice.

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