A look at our different VR spaces for your next event

A look at our different VR spaces for your next event

We want Virtual Reality to be just like that – reality. And in reality you don’t spend all your time in one space. This is why we have meticulously created dedicated rooms for everything you might need in a VR business meet up; whether this be a room for a presentation, a conference, a meeting with views of Miami just beyond the windows or something else (you’re in control), you are sure to find what you are looking for. Plus, we’ll continue to update these too. If you find a space that you want to visit, it can be easily downloaded by the click of a button, allowing you to immerse yourself in it just moments later. It is this unlimited discovery and unrivalled creativity that puts us at the forefront of the VR revolution. For those of you that are wondering just what spaces you can find, here we have put together some of the different spaces below for your next event that you don’t want to miss out on.

Boardroom Space

The boardroom is something that a simple video call just can’t replicate. With this space replicating a traditional presentation seating layout, you’ll forget that you are experiencing it inside a piece of technology. Sit among your peers’ avatars, feeling true co-presence and viewing a large screen at the front to present on. You can choose to brand the room to make it your own, right down to the view beyond the window. Speak to others, present and watch others do the same – just as you would in real life.

Breakout Room

If you are at a conference or meeting, it could be that you need some time to break off and speak with select team members or clients. Our breakout rooms offer the ideal spot for more intimate discussions where you can network, talk about business and utilise the event that you are immersed in. The space comes complete with a large window and rolling views, giving you the impression you really have travelled somewhere further than your own office, co-working space or home study.

Presentation Room

We know that presentations are important for any business and this is why our dedicated presentation room has all you could need. Seating up to 30 guests in the room, the large screen in front of them means they’ll be 100% paying attention to your presentation. With spectacular views behind, this is always a guest-favourite. 

Central Hub

The same way as physical buildings have a main lobby or hallway where you can travel from one place to another, central hub space is the ideal place for discovery and transition. When you are here you can easily choose your next destination, bumping into colleagues or attendees on the way, making it ideal to network or catch up on your way to discovering more of the spaces on offer. Easy-to-access portals around the hub connect any of your chosen rooms together by a simple click of a button.

Events Hall

As the name suggests, our event hall is designed when you are looking to throw a larger scale get-together. These are some of our most innovative spaces for groups of a medium/ large size and have the capacity for up to 125 guests. When you are here, you can make the most of the space for attendees to gather and network in front of a stage and large screen. The space also has other intimate, breakout spaces that are easy to access and ideal for having more private discussions. These are easily accessible from the wings of the main hall and, again, help to add realism to your events.

Events Plaza

If it is a conference style event that you are looking for, then our events plaza is an effortless choice. With the capacity to host large numbers of attendees, it features a live auditorium area in the centre of the space. Attendees can watch live key-note talks, videos that have been pre-recorded and also visit brandable sponsor booths that are set up around the sides. These booths are designed with interactivity in mind and include video screens, the ability to interact with PDF documents and so much more.

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