Gatherings hosts Morningstar Investment Conference 2021

Gatherings hosts Morningstar Investment Conference 2021

Last month saw Gatherings host a digital arm of Morningstar’s Investment Conference 2021. The conference returned to Chicago this year, following on from the success of Morningstar’s fully virtual conference last year, but this year’s event then married together both as in-person conference hall that has become a stable in every investor’s calendar, with the co-presence, flexibility and innovation of virtual reality – helping individuals to be at the event, no matter their location. 

A “hybrid event”, it saw an impressive number of guests turning up both in person and via their headsets to network and learn more about the upcoming year in finance. This was the first big event of 500 allowing people to speak to one another in the space and was a real game-changer both for Gatherings and for the events industry.

VR guests were able to speak to others via their own digital avatars, communicating both in groups, meetings and one on one, creating the most life-like VR conference yet. This was further enhanced by the realistic looking Avatars created from headshots submitted by attendees ahead of the conference.

Guests joined from all corners of the globe, reaping the impressive benefits that virtual reality offers at the fantastic conference. They were able to follow bespoke conference schedules, listen to speeches and get involved with panels no matter where they were.

The conference was also a first in that they features large new bespoke boots for each of the sponsors, designed for maximum engagement and interactivity. Within these, attendees could watch video content, scroll through PDF’s and speak to sponsor’s representatives within the space, as well as booking meetings to catch up afterwards. This made communication and collaboration easier than ever – all through the powers of virtual reality. 

Leslie Marshall’s foreword to the 2021 conference:

We hosted our first event in VR last year, and while it was fantastic, it was a little light on what we think is a core element of every MIC: community. This year’s VR experience addresses that. You’ll be able to create you own custom avatar, to meet and chat with other people in spaces across the event, and, thanks a recommendation engine powered by artificial intelligence, connect with other attendees who share your interests. I think it’s a great chance for all of us to see the future of events—and the future of work—firsthand, as we explore new horizons for investors and technology together.

Thanks for joining us on this adventure.

– Leslie Marshall, Head of Experienctial Marketing, Morningstar

While this event showcased the huge developments in VR, it is just the start of what is set to revolutionise the events industry. Find out more about how Gatherings can help you for your next event and she just how it can completely transform the way you conduct events and meetings going forward.

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