A space to suit you

No matter your event, how many attendees you are inviting, Gatherings has the space to suit you.

From breakout rooms to a large conference plaza, we’ve got many spaces to make your own. If you have any custom requirements, let us know as we can make bespoke spaces to be pixel perfect to you.

Explore our range of incredible spaces to make your own If you have any custom requirements, let us know as we can make bespoke spaces to be pixel perfect to you.


Explore our full range of spaces below:

Events Plaza

If you are looking to host a conference-style event, the events plaza is the ideal space to do so. It features a live auditorium area in the centre of the space where guests can gather together to watch live key-note talks, an on-demand area to watch pre-recorded video content and brandable sponsor booths around the sides. These all include PDF and video viewers, booths for polls and custom interactions and spaces to deeplink VR games – meaning you can access external VR content from within Gatherings itself.

Meeting Space

Our meeting rooms are great for a team meeting or for smaller groups. The innovative space features a standing layout with space for presentations as well as an open space to encourage networking and participation. A large window on one side looks out to an interesting real-life scene that's customisable – we can help you source a particular environment, anywhere in the world, that suits your brand or event type.


A similar concept to the meeting room, our boardroom space comes with the same benefits, but a specific layout that encourages its namesake. In this room, a large table features in the centre with the ability to sit down next to other guests around the space.

Presentation Room

A room with a view. Present to an audience of 30 with a large pulldown screen for everyone to see.


We’re currently building a luxury Clubhouse that includes spaces to meet, play games and socialise with guests, colleagues and friends. Make this space your own for your team to relax in, or a breakout room for conferences and events.


Enter our relaxed lounge setting, large enough for x6 guests to comfortably sit & talk within. Customise this with your brand, just as have done in Gatherings colours here.

Company HQ

Our latest space, the HQ – becomes the home for your brand and your employees. The space features rooms leading off either side of the central socialising space to further meeting rooms, presentation rooms and collaboration spaces.

Events Hall

Make the most of our Events Hall for medium to large events. This space has a capacity for 125 guests with a stage, large screen and space for attendees to gather and network. The space also features some smaller spaces for private conversations, found around the wings of the main hall.

Theatre & Foyer

Sit back, relax and enjoy. The Theatre features a vast screen to watch video content, both live, on-demand or streamed from YouTube, featuring luxury seating for a comfortable experience.

We've also built a foyer space to welcome guests into, before continuing onto the theatre room
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