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The platform enables companies to create more productive teams, speakers and sponsors the ease to deliver truly engaging presentations, and organisers to host accessible, sustainable, and out-of-this-world events.
Face to face interaction and copresence are key, which is why our intelligent systems and avatars work to recreate this as closely as they can.
We believe in innovation and providing a next-level experience. That is why we constantly create new features, spaces to visit, and ways to interact.
There’s power in people and that is why we focus on enhancing your collaborative experience. Discover how we can improve the way you work today.
Custom content, branded spaces, and different rooms to suit your event. It’s your brand and we provide the resources to make it your VR experience too.
From A to Z
From the first enquiry to your initial setup and ongoing support, the Gatherings team can help. We will answer queries, advise and offer 24/7 support.

Co-presence - Gatherings

Face to face interaction and copresence is something that can be difficult to mimic, yet is vital for effective business communication. This is why our intelligent systems and avatars work to imitate this as closely as possible.

Your avatar is what represents you in Gatherings and you have the ability to fully customise it to suit you. Enhance your level of interaction with ease, uploading your photo and letting us take care of the rest. You’re then free to explore, engage and interact with others, just as you would in the real world.

Creating your avatar

Represent yourself as your own, personalised, photo-realistic avatar. You can add a new avatar to a user’s collection via the companion app or by taking a picture of yourself and uploading it through our web application.

With a simple selfie, you'll have your own avatar created to explore VR as you
Our Web Portal becomes your hub to be in control of your avatar

Switching your avatar

Work or social. You can effortlessly switch between your avatars to suit each different event. This changes how your avatar is seen to others in the space, personalising your interaction even further.

Identify others in the space

There's power in numbers. Effortlessly interact with others in the space, just as you would in real life. You can easily identify them by clear nameplates underneath each of the avatars.

Clearly see when others are speaking, or muted
Our high-quality avatars create a fully-immersive experience

Innovative Avatars

High-quality avatars from a simple-selfie make it easy to identify those you know, and find it easy to meet, greet, network and socialise with those you don't – creating an immersive avatar experience that's second to none.

Only through effective communication can you foster stronger working relationships, make connections and learn & grow as a team. Gatherings enables effortless communication, for both large mass gatherings to smaller teams or 1 on 1 meetings.

Voice communication

Communication has never been so simple. Speak out-loud to interact with others with instant audio that feels completely natural.

Our audio sounds completely natural, with the same quality, sound and pitch as your natural voice
Hear others, near or far, as if you were in the same space together

Spatial Audio

Spatial audio mimics the ease of hearing, as as you would in a real-life event. You will be able to hear those close to you better than those who are further away. This means if you want to focus on a specific person, you just need to move closer to them to be able to do so.

Muting yourself

If you are in a conference, meeting or event where you don’t want to be heard, take away any concerns of accidental noises or background noise by muting yourself. You can also see when others have turned this on or off, so you’re then aware of everyone’s audio status.

You'll see clear indications when you, or guests, are muted
coming soon

Private conversations

You'll soon be able to activate private conversations in Gatherings. The platform will automatically detect that you are in a conversation and you’ll be in control to let those who you want, to then join.

Down to the details

Seamlessly speak to others in the space using your headset's microphone

Audio sounds natural, and is the same quality, sound and pitch as your natural voice

See who's speaking in the space with clear iconography

Easily mute yourself with a simple click of a button

Be reminded when you're accidentally on mute, with a mute notification system

Spatial audio allowing those who are closer to be heard better, and those that are further away are heard less clearly

No avatar? No problem. Enter as a guest, and identity those who are guests

See when others around you have toggled their mute on, or off

Our avatar's feature eye tracking to further the complete co-presence

Your avatar's hands will track your handset's devices, to give natural expressions in Gatherings

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