The importance of co-presence for communication and how Gatherings can help with this

The importance of co-presence for communication and how Gatherings can help with this

We live in an age where we are more connected but also less present than we have ever been. Our contacts list are endless and we have more ways than ever to get in touch with people – phones constantly buzz with notifications, messages, emails and voice notes. Yet while we might speak to more people digitally, it still can’t replace the feeling of meeting in person. For while we feel that connection, we are also so much more strongly connected to those whose hands we shake, whose eyes we meet and where conversations can flow naturally. Where we aren’t impeded by poor internet connections, missed notifications and lack of signal. 

This is where Virtual Reality can help, bridging the gap between the personability of real-life interaction and the practicality of digital communication. It enables you to speak to others through a photo avatar, where you can speak face to face with someone and use hand gestures. Here we have explored a few of the reasons that co-presence is so important for communication and just how Gatherings VR can help.

You’re more likely to make sales

As a business owner, one of the key elements to your success is the amount of sales you make. After all, the more sales you generate, the more income you will bring in and the more you can put back into your company. Co-presence is one of the most important elements to making sales and it is something that cannot be replicated via an email or instant message. When you meet people face to face you can interpret body language and gauge how someone is reacting or feeling by their facial expressions or gestures. It is a much more personal way to build trust and by putting a face to a name it creates a relationship that is much more personal than if you just speak via digital methods. 

When a business is looking for someone to work with, they will be much more likely to purchase from and collaborate with those that they have a more meaningful connection with, than someone they have never met. VR enables you to meet “face to face”. You can see the other person’s body language, look them in their eyes and feel as though you are speaking to someone rather than just a faceless entity behind an email address or username. 

Your customers will feel engaged with you 

Business markets are more saturated than ever and that is why it is so important to stand out above the competition. When people are shopping online, they are bombarded with similar, faceless companies all offering similar products or services. What is missing is the personal element that you get when visiting a store itself. While online shopping is more convenient, it is the in-store personal experiences that we remember, that leave us feeling good and as though we’ve really learnt about and interacted with a company. 

Through using VR you can recreate this personal experience from the comfort of customers’ own homes or offices. They can slip on a VR headset and be transported to a virtual showroom where you can talk through the products in person with them. They will feel taken care of and get the personal experience of real-life conversation where chat can easily flow and they can experience a more in-depth experience of your services.

You are more memorable

When clients or customers speak to you from behind a computer, you are masked behind a faceless email address that could have been sent by anyone. It is easy to be forgotten and fall into the abyss of marketing messages, promos, spam and other messages that have made their way through. 

By having a co-presence and physically speaking with someone, you create a memorable impression that is much less likely to be lost. They will be able to put a face to a name and whether they decide to do business with you now or in the future, you will stick in their minds. This is also true as VR is such an emerging and impressive technology, so in a way is even more memorable than a real-life meeting. You can enjoy the benefits of ease of communication, being able to look at the other person’s face, read their body language – and all without leaving the comfort of your office or front room.

The importance of face to face communication is something that is often overlooked as there are so many other ways to be in touch with people. While technology such as emails or instant messages are great at making communication easier, it doesn’t necessarily make it better. When in-person communication isn’t available or is difficult to do, don’t forgo the personal element of business. Instead, utilise VR and ensure that you are present and face to face – no matter where you are based. 

You can feel like you are in the same conference, meeting or breakout space even if you are physically thousands of miles apart. VR can enable you to create connections on a much deeper level and reap the benefits of co-presence.

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