Why VR can promote a healthier work life balance

Why VR can promote a healthier work life balance

We live in an age where the lines between our work and personal lives are becoming consistently more blurred. With the ability to remain connected to colleagues at all hours of the day and to receive emails and messages from dusk to dawn, it can be hard to switch off. This is why it is so important to focus on how we work and aim to work smarter not harder. 

More employers than ever are sourcing ways to help improve the life balance of their employees, knowing that the better their staff feel, the better they will perform. When employees feel valued and like their wellbeing is being invested in, they will be more likely to stay with the company for longer and to put more effort into what they do. As technology evolves, so do workplace practices and employers are turning to methods such as VR to achieve the right balance for their employees. Here we explore a few of the reasons why VR can help to promote this. 

1. It means you don’t have to go away on lengthy business trips

Business trips can often mean that you have to be away from your family and your home for lengthy periods of time. The trip normally involves a lot of meetings, hosting clients or customers, business dinners and conferences. There is little time to switch off and if you do have any down-time, it is usually spent answering emails and catching up on the work you are missing when out of the office. By using VR you don’t have to go away to attend these meetings and conferences. Instead, business can be done from the comfort of your own office or even your home. You don’t need to spend time travelling, staying in hotels or recovering from jet lag if you have had to visit somewhere further away. Simply put on your headset and be transported to meeting and conference rooms, to seminars and to social spaces where you can catch up and conduct business efficiently and effectively. You will get everything done that you need to, make the most of the co-presence that VR offers and also significantly improve your work life balance.

2. It is easier to catch up with colleagues

Whether you work from home or from the office, it can be tricky trying to catch up with colleagues – particularly if they are based in different locations. You could find that you have dozens of messages on Slack, Skype or other devices pinging throughout the day and that you have a number of messy email chains. By using VR you can set up a meeting with colleagues, showing photos, videos and presentations this way. This will cut down the amount of time you spend going back and forth making it much easier to catch up with your colleagues when you need to.

3. It can make tasks easier and quicker to do

When you need to get a response on a project or are collaborating with someone, other forms of communication can be clunky and time consuming. Email threads might get lost, messages can get missed and tasks misunderstandings can easily happen. By using VR you can meet up in a shared space getting the answers to any questions easily and quickly. If, for example, you are an architect or a designer you can also see mock-ups in a “real life” situation instead of spending hours building and designing it to find out there are fundamental flaws. This means there are less steps involved in the process, freeing up your time and streamlining the way that you work.

4. It can create a place to escape to on your breaks

When you are working, it can be easy to skip through your breaks, eating your lunch at your desk and staying late. Instead, VR can give you a place to escape to. Rather than spending your well-deserved break time hunched over your computer, you can transport yourself to another country or city, exploring the sights and broadening your horizons. It can ensure you feel relaxed, refreshed and ready to carry on with your workday. A clear mind means that you will be able to focus more and avoid feeling burnt out. 

These are just a few ways that VR can promote a healthier work life balance. It showcases the importance of technology and how it can greatly benefit all aspects of our lives. Contact us to find out more about how Gatherings can improve the way you work and live. 

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