Packed full of features

Gatherings enables companies to create more productive teams, speakers and sponsors the ease to deliver truly engaging presentations, and organisers to host accessible, sustainable, and out-of-this-world events.
Face to face interaction and copresence are key, which is why our intelligent systems and avatars work to recreate this as closely as they can.
We believe in innovation and providing a next-level experience. That is why we constantly create new features, spaces to visit, and ways to interact.
There’s power in people and that is why we focus on enhancing your collaborative experience. Discover how we can improve the way you work today.
Custom content, branded spaces, and different rooms to suit your event. It’s your brand and we provide the resources to make it your VR experience too.
From A to Z
From the first enquiry to your initial setup and ongoing support, the Gatherings team can help. We will answer queries, advise and offer 24/7 support.

From A to Z - Gatherings

From the initial setup, to ongoing support, we’re here every step of the way. We can assist with any queries or questions you or your attendees might have, as well as be on hand to advise you of any new features or tips that might be available.

At Gatherings, we believe in a tailored experience and that user experience should be key. That is why we will do the hard work for you, from providing headsets and creating a branded unboxing experience for your business – to ongoing tech, event and online support. All you need to do is signup with an email address and we'll take it from there.

Supply of headsets

No headset? No problem. We can procure and provide the top headsets to you and your team at the best prices.

Unboxing experience

Gatherings is all about a tailored experience, and we believe this should begin before users put the headset on. We can supply branded boxes to be sent directly to your colleagues, clients and attendees with your brand on them, creating personalised experience from the moment the box lands on their doorstep. We can then onboard them into VR with our dedicated and specialist team.

Signing up

We believe in simplicity and that technology should be accessible and easy for all. This is why all you need to sign up to Gatherings is your email address.

Log into Gatherings

We don’t have complicated log-in processes for ease-of-use. Once you've logged in we'll remember your account.

Everyone needs a hand sometimes, and we have an in-house dedicated support team for no matter what your query might be. We can assist at any time of day, any day of the week.

Support & Tips

If you have a question or are looking for help with something, make sure to check out our support pages. Here you will find our comprehensive range of frequently asked questions for quick and easy assistance.

Our events support team is ran by Dani, our Head of Business Operations

Contact support

We have a dedicated UK-based team to give any help or guidance if there's any problems. No matter where you are or what assistance is needed, our dedicated team is on hand.

The Guide

Accessing support is easier than ever and you don’t even need to leave the headset to do so. You can easily access the guide from your menu for any hints, tips and help.

Tutorial Space

Our starting tutorial gives a full understanding of Gatherings to new users, and a space to return back to if there's new controls you want to learn.

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