Packed full of features

The platform enables companies to create more productive teams, speakers and sponsors the ease to deliver truly engaging presentations, and organisers to host accessible, sustainable, and out-of-this-world events.
Face to face interaction and copresence are key, which is why our intelligent systems and avatars work to recreate this as closely as they can.
We believe in innovation and providing a next-level experience. That is why we constantly create new features, spaces to visit, and ways to interact.
There’s power in people and that is why we focus on enhancing your collaborative experience. Discover how we can improve the way you work today.
Custom content, branded spaces, and different rooms to suit your event. It’s your brand and we provide the resources to make it your VR experience too.
From A to Z
From the first enquiry to your initial setup and ongoing support, the Gatherings team can help. We will answer queries, advise and offer 24/7 support.

Customisable - Gatherings

It’s your brand, not ours. Customisation is key to make your VR experience your own to be as unique and tailored to your specification as possible. Make the most of customisable content, branded spaces and different rooms suited for your event type.

Customise your event with unique image and video content, embedded PDF’s and deeplinked games. All designed to further your VR experience.

Watch Live, 2D video

Watch 2D video that’s live-streamed into Gatherings – perfectly synced up to the second for every guest to enjoy. Great for digital conferences, it's the ideal way to further bring an event alive.

Watch 360 video

Take your videos up a notch by enabling the opportunity to watch 360’ videos, fully immersing you in the scene before you. These be fully HD and take place in a designated VR space.

Watch 4D video

Extend the experience with 4D video, transporting you even further into the realm of virtual reality.

View & navigate PDFs

PDFs can be easily embedded into Gatherings, offering the guests to select and view these in VR. You can change the page you are looking at, zoom in and out and interact with links.

Morningstar's Investor Conference 2020 featured two deeplinked games, including 'Sustainable City'
that supported the conference theme and that guests could enjoy in their own time.

Deeplinked games

Gaming is an exciting area for VR and with Gatherings, you can work with deeplinked games for an even more immersive experience. External VR content can be loaded and utilised within Gatherings so that users can play VR games, without having to leave your company's space

From event-specific posters and banners to company-wide branding and 3D models, you can customise your spaces to make them your own.

Your space, your logo

We'll customise any of the spaces to feature your logo, from the banners to on the digital screens throughout.

Your brand colours

You can also customise the interior colours of the spaces to match the brand, from the carpet colours to the plinths and room trim.

A unique location

Set your spaces in unique locations. We can help you source a particular environment, anywhere in the world, to suit your brand or event type.

A sunset over Hong Kong, in our lounge space

Your company HQ

Create and brand your own company HQ to be the hub for your colleagues, clients and attendees' experience to start from each time.

3D models

From specific models of your products, or something fun that relates to your brand, we can help you customise your space through importing these assets.

See more of our spaces

For some further details on each of the spaces,
see the designated section for each of these rooms:
Our Spaces

Down to the details

Customise the spaces with your brand's logo and colours to make the spaces your own

Stream your own live content, or on-demand content into your spaces

Easily upload, view and navigate PDF presentations

Deeplink VR games and experiences into Gatherings

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