Packed full of features

The platform enables companies to create more productive teams, speakers and sponsors the ease to deliver truly engaging presentations, and organisers to host accessible, sustainable, and out-of-this-world events.
Face to face interaction and copresence are key, which is why our intelligent systems and avatars work to recreate this as closely as they can.
We believe in innovation and providing a next-level experience. That is why we constantly create new features, spaces to visit, and ways to interact.
There’s power in people and that is why we focus on enhancing your collaborative experience. Discover how we can improve the way you work today.
Custom content, branded spaces, and different rooms to suit your event. It’s your brand and we provide the resources to make it your VR experience too.
From A to Z
From the first enquiry to your initial setup and ongoing support, the Gatherings team can help. We will answer queries, advise and offer 24/7 support.

Feature-rich - Gatherings

We believe in innovation and are constantly working on new features that can improve and enhance your virtual reality experience. From new spaces to visit to intuitive ways to work, interact, your VR experience with Gatherings will just keep on giving.

Easily navigate around all of the Gatherings' spaces through our intuitive teleporting, discovering all the spaces via your own personal menu as you go. From your company headquarters, to private meeting spaces, you can discover, download and then easily access these spaces at anytime.


Our navigation enables you to teleport around the spaces inside your virtual world seamlessly and effortlessly. Move easily around both small and large spaces with our easy to use and intuitive teleportation navigation.

Discover new spaces

As we update Gatherings, we’ll continue to introduce new spaces for every event. You can find these new spaces to explore via your personal menu.


Easily move between each of the spaces through our intuitive portals that connect up your Gatherings' ecosphere.

Company Spaces

As a business, you'll have your own suite of private spaces to use – from your own HQ hub, to presentation rooms and smaller break out spaces. These are all accessible via the same personal menu, creating your own company ecosystem for your whole team to navigate around.

We're constantly innovating to create new features that improve and enhance your Gatherings VR experience. From new spaces to use and intuitive ways to interact, your experience with Gatherings will just keep on giving.

Learning controls

We make every feature in Gatherings as intuitive as possible, but we understand VR is a new experience for most. We've made the process of learning controls as easy as possible with tutorials and support pages.

Sit down on seats

Simply select a seat to sit on. On sitting, you’re able to reorientate yourself to the view that is most comfortable and convenient for you.

Access from outside of VR

Gatherings isn’t just limited to a headset. You can join from a browser or desktop application, furthering the inclusivity of the event to all.

coming soon

Personal Spaces

If you are looking for your own quiet space to wind down and relax in, soon you’ll be able to. In this space others can't enter, creating a safe space for you to your use, as well as personalising it to make it your own.

Down to the details

You're in complete control, moving easily around through the teleport action

Navigation feels intuitive and easy to control

Access new spaces through our portals or the personal menu

Choose any space your want to visit, then download it to be in there instantly

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